Our top priority is to contribute to improving
your living and working environment with our eco-friendly,
high-efficiency, low-cost and nontoxic cleaners.

Research Areas

  • 01 Eco-friendly materials for industrial cleaners
  • 02 Formulation and composition of cleaners for metals
  • 03 Eco-friendly surfactants and functional polymer
  • 04 Organic and inorganic materials

Product Information


Organic acid based FC-SP-388 for descaling on the surface of stainless steel is an eco-friendly cleaner
that can replace the mixed acid cleaner consisting of nitric acid and hydrofluoric acid.
It is safer and environmentally friendly than mixed acid cleaners. Also,
it is a high-performance stainless steel cleaner
that can completely remove the scale on the stainless steel surface with only one dipping.


  • 01 No hydrofluoric acid, Easy to ensure workers' safety.
  • 02 Effectively descale on the surfaces of steels even at room temperature
  • 03 Universally applied to descaling various types of steels as well as stainless steels.
  • 04 Excellent performance both oxides and carbides on steel surfaces

Product use

  • 01 Stainless steel descaling
  • 02 Removal of contaminants and corrosion products on the surface of various metals

Pickling treatment of STAINLESS STEEL

  • Solution Annealing Heat Treatment

    Solution Annealing Heat Treatment
    • Improvement of steel strength, processability and corrosion resistance
    • Scale occurs on the surface
  • Pickling treatment

    Acid Cleaning
    • Use of mixed acid (HNO3 + HF)
    • Passivation
    • 20 ~ 90 minutes treatment
    • Temperature: 60 ~ 80 ℃
  • High Pressure Washing

    High Pressure Cleaning
    • Removal of cleaners and contaminants from the surface
  • Dry


Main Applications of Acid Cleaners

  • Chemical equipment and pressure vessels

    Chemical equipment & Pressure vessel
  • Pipes and Iron Parts

    Pipes & Fittings
  • Pharmaceutical equipment and food machinery Medicine & Food Equipment

    Medicine & Food Equipment
  • Nuclear industry equipment and parts

    Apparatus in Nuclear Power Plant